HIGHLIGHTS & ACCOLADES: (2021) Key Production Assistant on Quickening - a TIFF Official Selection film (2019) Winner - Shirley Elford Emerging Artist Prize in Music (Hamilton Arts Awards) (2019) Assistant Sound Designer to Lea Bertucci at New York workshops for SuperTerranian (Philly Fringe Festival 2019) (2018 - present) Co-founder and operator of the Fort Rose recording studio (2017 - 2021) Member on the Board of Directors for Centre[3] (2016) Winner - Jazz Recording of the Year HMEP2 (Hamilton Music Awards) (2014, 2015) Presented Three Electroacoustic Artworks Exposing Digital Networks at the 2014 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, published in issue 17.3 of the eContact! journal (2013 - 2018) Musical Director for the Hamilton Audio Visual Node (2013 - 2021) HAVNrecords label executive (2012) Winner - Emerging Artist in New Media (Hamilton Arts Awards) (2012) Founding member of the Hamilton Audio Visual Node (2010) Winner - John Pike Scholarship from the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

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Daniel Romano ~ La Luna performance
Ellis x Techno Hall of Fame ~ 17 record, production
Elissa Mielke ~ Woman's Worth (Official Music Video) record, production, mix
Miles from Nowhere ~ Runnin' EP record, production, mix
Fake Shape ~ Night Swim EP record, mix
Cherry Blaster ~ I Don't Wanna performance
Granny Smith ~ Out of My Head master
Anna Wiebe ~ What I Found performance, mix
A Hutchie & NPNP ~ Graph Attack / Sneaker 12" performance, mix, master
Dave Sararus ~ Contradiction Blues master


AOIFE ~ SID master
Alex Southey ~ My Nights on the Island master
Daniel Romano ~ Cobra Poems performance
penrose ~ boston nova master
Alexander Kehn ~ haunt me to heaven eng, mix, master
The Draperies ~ La Historia del Sombrero eng, master
pinksnail ~ disastrous engineer
Dorothea Paas ~ Anything Can't Happen ass. engineer
Freaky Boos ~ here comes TINA 7" performance
A Hutchie & NPNP ~ COCO // TOMO perf, prod, mix
ALOUISE ~ Gloria master
Mean Streaks ~ Bad Behaviour master
Daniel Romano ~ Kissing the Foe performance
David Lee, Germaine Liu, John Oswald & Scott Thomson ~ A Hyphen in Reverse eng, mix, master
Dan Edmonds ~ Good Fortune Assembly add prod, perf, mix
Alexander Kehn ~ c the moon add prod, perf, mix
Josh Tavares ~ Ashes prod, perf, eng, mix, master
Alex Southey ~ ...And the Country Stirred master
Miles from Nowhere ~ Orchard Drive mix, master
J.R. ~ J.R. mix


NPNP ~ I See You Go add prod, perf
A Hutchie ~ Potion Shop prod, eng, mix, perf
Alex Southey ~ Caught You on the Throat, On the Dancefloor master
A Hutchie ~ Executioner prod, eng, mix, perf
Daniel Romano's Outfit ~ How Ill Thy World is Ordered perf
Zoon ~ Bleached Wavves master
Blankie ~ Blankie (EP) mix
Luka Kuplowsky ~ Judee Justin Arthur Mary mix
Ellis ~ born again ass eng
Ferrari Garden ~ Longest Slow Dance eng, add prod
Freaky Boos ~ I'm Exposed eng, mix, perf
YlangYlang ~ Interplay add eng, prod, mix, perf
NPNP ~ Interrupt/Erupt add eng, add mix, perf
Dan Edmonds ~ Softie prod, perf


miles from nowhere. ~ miles from nowhere. EP eng, mix, perf
Fort Rose Imagined Ensemble ~ Five Specks prod, eng, mix, perf
Persons ~ 7" Airborne/Time To exec prod, eng, mix, perf
Sarah Good ~ The Glorious, Disgorged eng, mix
J.R. ~ J.R. mix
Eucalyptus ~ Kick it 'Till you Flip it mix
Ellis - Something Blue (single)prod, eng, mix
Allie X ~ Little Things (live single) eng
Ian Keteku ~ Brother Giraffe Theme Song eng, mix
Shanika Maria ~ Subtle Uncertainties prod, eng, mix, perf
Allie X ~ Science (live single) eng


Come Inside (single) prod, eng, mix, mast
Slow Burn Bitch prod, eng, mix, mast
Girl of the Year (live single) eng
Sad Trumpet perf
The Fuzz prod, eng, mix
Jellyfish eng, mix, mast
PLEASE prod, eng, mix, mast
Planestasia Suite prod, eng, mix
Not So Bad In LA (live single)eng
friends and alien tapes prod, eng, mix, mast
Focus(live single)eng
Need You (unplugged single)eng
Careless Thoughts (live single) eng, mix
A Big Download prod, eng, mix
PARTY MOVES prod, eng, mix
They Call This Everything (live single) eng, mix
ENVIRO prod, eng, mix
True Love is Violent (unplugged single) eng
NARUTO OST prod, eng, mix


Scientist Tiger p, e, m
Eschaton and friends at La Passe p, e, m
Emay ~ Israfil "angel's trumpet" perf
What Do You Want? (single) e, mi, ma
Witch Tapes p, e, m


Certain Synchronicities p, e, m
Bellwether4 p, e, m
The Phantom Hunter p, e, m
Kindred p, e, m
Coszmos Quartette e, m
Versa & Eschaton Split VHS e, m
Riot Break (live single) e, mi
Secret Harmonies p, e, m
When they fix it and it looks good again I'll be happy but until then I'm gunna be sad p, e, m
Stop & Go e, m
after ever p, e, m
Scientist Tiger p, e, m
White Labels (Tapestrie) (single) p, e, m
Tour Tape 3 p, e, m
Corduroy Boner p, e, m


Y O U T H P R O G R A M e, m
Depeche-Toi p, e, m
Chalk Face Smile (single) p, e, m
And Sometimes Jazz e, m
HMEP2 p, e, m
[square] p, e, m
TTTWO p, e, m
Encountering a Glowing White Box (single) p, e, m


HMEP1 p, e, m
Pasteurise (single) p, e, m
2/2014 Tour Tape p, e, m
Δ p, e, m


> p, e, m
\ p, e, m


2022 - Web Series (record)

2022 - Commercial (record)

2022 - Official LIVE Music Video (record, mix)

2022 - Web Series (record)

2022 - Documentary (mix)

2022 - Performance (edit, mix)

2021 - Feature Film (key production assistant)

2021 - Web (edit, mix)

2020 - Commercial (mix)

2020 - Commercial (mix)

2019 - PSA Commercial (music, sound design)

2017 - Video Game (voiceover production, record, design)


A Hutchie
Haolin Munk
Freaky Boos


(2021)DRIFT(original music, art direction)
(2020)Some Outsider Music Hamilton
(2020)Potion Shop App (original music, art direction)
(2019)A Floating Chronology (original music & sound design)
(2015)Encountering a Glowing White Box
(2015)Broken Simulacrum sound
(2015)Through the Eyes of the Machine sound
(2015)The Cocoon sound
(2014)DESCENT sound
(2014)Shared Memory , Paired Action
(2014)nipple twistin'
(2013)woven still sound
(2013)City Voices
(2012)Lair/Layer III sound